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- A Celebration of Exotic Rituals

Thaipusam - A Celebration of Exotic Rituals, is a very special, educative documentary. A rare experience to witness the fascinating celebration of ancient Hindu rituals staged in the exotic land of the Hindu Indians’ Malaysia. During Thaipusam, a three-day religious festival, thousands of worshippers and tourists from around the world visit the Hindu shrine in Batu Cave, and those who are truly committed would enter a trance-like state without feeling any pain from the metal hooks and spikes pierced through their bodies.

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A United Movies SDN BHD, An Oma Associates Productions, An Eddie Pak film.

25 minutes, English narration by Michael Jennings

Writer: Peter Shen

Director: Eddie Pak

Made in Malaysia, 1998

Distributed worldwide by Kanto Productions LLC.

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