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         The Ancient Art of


Learn how to read the secrets of the face. 


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Six half-hour shows, in two versions: with or without the English narration.

In development. Available for pre-licensing.


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Do you have a nose for money?

The eyebrows for fame?

The jaw for status?

The cheekbones for power?

What are the signs of an ideal husband?

A perfect wife?

These are only a few questions face and feature reading can answer while providing a whole new dimension of appreciation for yourself and others.


FACE FORTUNES is produced in Los Angeles, California, and on location in Singapore and Thailand. Each episode is hosted on-camera by an American host. In addition to Peter Shen and Erkki Kanto, also other experts of face reading, as well as clients of authentic Asian readers, are interviewed. The show tells the viewers how to read their own faces, or the features of their friends and relatives.

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Produced by Peter Shen and Erkki Kanto. Peter Shen, the co-author and expert of the book Face Fortunes, unmasks the secrets of the traditional Chinese art of face and feature reading.

Erkki Kanto, co-author of books Your Face Tells
and Your Face Tells All.


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