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The above CD will be published in English, as well as in Finnish by the name


The songs will be performed by Erkki Kanto, and the recording will be a collection of known songs of angels, but also a collection of songs of angels, composed by Enrico Canto.

Enrico Canto is now looking for lyrics for these angel songs.

If you have the talent or if you know of a friend who has or might be able to write lyrics for songs about angels, read on.

Please note:

RIGHTS: By sending any material to Kanto Productions LLC or Erkki Kanto or Enrico Canto, you assure that you own and have all the rights to that material and that you are legally allowed to offer it for this purpose. By sending in the lyrics or songs, you grant Kanto Productions LLC and Erkki Kanto and Enrico Canto the right to use them in the future productions. All material sent will be and stay the property and Copyright of the original owner.

AGREEMENT: If the material is accepted for the production(s), a written agreement will be made between the parties.

FEES AND ROYALTIES: There will be no fees or compensations paid at this time, but they will be paid from the net profits and royalties received from the published material, as stated in the agreement to be made.

Remember to make copies of the material and send the copies only. Keep the originals for yourself. We cannot be responsible for any lost materials. No materials will be returned.


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OR snail mail:

Kanto Productions LLC, Re: Angel Songs, 2745 Machado Street, Simi Valley, CA 93065-3941, USA


No phone calls or personal deliveries.

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