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This letter arrived from Sandy, 9 years, from Japan:


Hi, Santa!

It was really great to get your address, now I can tell you what I wish for next Christmas. I don't need very many things. A new computer game, a CD-player and a small camcorder. I know it is early to ask you these things, but there is something you could do right now, if you please can. Help my mother and father stop fighting and come together again. I love them both and wish that they both are near me.

Take care, and I'll see you next Christmas!


This note is from Richmond, California:


Dear Santa,

How are you today?

I want you to bring me a game boy and a nano baby and a big truck and a bike.


This letter is from Adam:


Dear Santa:

My name is Adam. I am 10 years old this year. I hope you bring me a remote control truck and if you can't bring me the remote control truck maybe you can bring me oil paints because I like to draw. I go to school Washington and I am a good student. I hope you can bring me the remote control truck or the oil paints.

Merry Christmas dear Santa. Thank you!

And Marcos wrote to Santa:


Dear Santa:

My name is Marcos and I've been trying to be good. I want a remote control race car and a new pair of shoes if it is not too much to ask for.

P.S. I wear size five shoes.                 I hope you have a Merry Christmas



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