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-It was really interesting to see how important part music plays in the children’s lives in Estonia, Erkki Kanto, producer-director of the television series Children of the World, tells. -During the Soviet Union occupation, one of the things that gave the people of Estonia strength was their own, authentic music, especially singing. Even today Estonia is filled with choirs, and both adults and children belong to them.

In the Estonia-episode the two featured children, Miikael and Tanel, both belong to a children’s choir, and we may even hear them taking vocal coaching and preparing for the next choir performance.

-During the fifty years of Russian rule, the Estonians were not allowed to travel outside their country as individuals, but with a choir it was sometimes possible, Kanto continues. -Another thing that has always been very dear to the Estonians, is their native tongue, Estonian. The Soviets tried to make them speak Russian, but within their families, mostly secretly, they spoke Estonian.

You could clearly see that the Estonian children are proud of their beautiful and friendly country!






When the first episodes of the television series Children of the World were produced, the production crew traveled in eleven different countries around the world. The children were selected from different backgrounds, representing contrasted families, culture and traditions.

Erkki Kanto, the producer-director of the award-winning television show Children of the World, tells that it was very interesting to notice how sincere the children were when they were interviewed for the show.

-When we were pre-planning an episode, most of the times we were in contact with the local country’s government agencies, Kanto remembers. -As a rule, they were very helpful, but I could clearly hear the sound of promotion through their information. Which is quite normal and OK. But when we were alone with the children and their families, we heard the true, uncensored, non-promotional facts about the living in the country.

Even though children are just children in every country, there are significant differences between them, Erkki Kanto continues. -The traditions, history and culture of the country reflect on the children very much. Often we learned about most intriguing games and hobbies; however, sometimes I was slightly disappointed. When we were filming the aborigine children in Australia, I expected that their hobbies would be something very authentic and exceptional.

-But they said that their favorite hobby is watching TV! When I continued by inquiring what their favorite TV show is, these kids replied with one voice "The Simpsons"!






-It had been almost impossible to pre-arrange our production trip to Albania, the poorest country in Europe, explains Erkki Kanto, director-producer of the award-winning television series Children of the World. The Los Angeles, California-based television production company Kanto Productions LLC had selected Albania to be one of the featured countries in the show, but they found it very difficult to get any information about the country beforehand.

-My staff tried to contact the Consulate of Albania in Washington, DC for days. They even tried at night, but the phone number never worked, as it kept giving a busy signal. We almost gave up, but then decided to continue trying in Italy while working on the episode about the Italian children.

The information the Italians had about Albania was not much more. Even the Italian travel agencies did not sell very many trips over the Adriatic Sea to Albania.

-We had never worked this way before, without any information or knowledge. We finally purchased ferry tickets from Italy’s Bari to Albania’s Durres. In Italy they couldn’t even make a hotel reservation! But everything went fine: when we arrived in Albania, nobody spoke English, so they did not ask too many questions. We found a decent hotel and a local guide, a man who could speak English.

-Albania still has a lot to do before they can handle big crowds of tourists. But the people are very friendly, the nature is beautiful and to anybody coming from almost anywhere, everything is very inexpensive!










The short version:


CoW Club ( http://www.kantoproductions.com/CoW.html ) is a new, interactive Web site for all the children in the world. The name CoW Club comes from the first letters of the new television series Children of the World, and joining the club is free for all ages. The site was created to help the children, not only in the USA, but all around the world, to make new friends in different towns and countries, to learn new games, study different cultures, send messages, photos or suggestions and greetings to the kids on this globe. In CoW Club, they have competitions with special Hollywood prizes and also links to other exciting sites, even Santa Claus is there!


The full version:


CoW Club is a new interactive Web site on the Internet for all the children in the world.

Mr. Erkki Kanto, producer of the television series Children of the World, has announced the start of the Cow Club Web site, where any child who has access to a computer and the World Wide Web on the Internet, may send messages, photos, stories, jokes, descriptions of their own games and hobbies, or just surf to read other kids’ stuff or to look for new friends and pen pals. The name CoW Club comes from the first letters of the new television series Children of the World.

-While life in each country on this globe becomes more and more international, we try to encourage the children to learn new nationalities, make friends in foreign countries, and learn different games, hobbies, traditions and cultures, Mr. Kanto explained. -We have monthly drawings of special prizes for those children who have got most new friends in other countries, and we also send out other souvenirs from our Children of the World television production site in Hollywood, California. Also included on the CoW Club pages will be numerous links to other places on the Internet, where the children may learn more, or just have a great time. Even Santa Claus is there! The membership in the CoW Club is free, and each child will have a unique Club Name and Password of their own.

To ensure that the quality of sent material is acceptable and suitable for children, all the material sent to CoW Club goes through the WebMaster at Kanto Productions LLC. Following the guidelines of the television series Children of the World, the CoW Club will not accept violence or any other unsuitable subjects for children.

The CoW Club can be found at: http://www.kantoproductions.com/CoW.html




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