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The documentary compares Beiputuo Film and TV Training Base to Universal Studios Hollywood because both have what movie makers need to produce fabulous films: excellent dancers and singers, authentic looking sets and highly skilled actors and actresses. Universal Studios in Hollywood was begun by a visionary named Carl Laemmle who purchased the land in 1915 for his new movie studio. The visionary for Beiputuo was Ms. Mei Zi, the founder, president and chairman of the area of more than 75 acres, which includes old Ming and Quing Dynasty styled villages for historical movie makers, temples, a lake, a Mongolian jurt village and plenty of action and entertainment.

Mei Zi was only three years old when her father died, and it meant a difficult life for the family. Her mother did whatever she could, including making unfired bricks, selling boiled water and doing laundry to support young Mei Zi and to give her the proper education. Mei Zi studied hard and she became interested in literature at an early age. After her graduation, she started writing books and TV plays that were well received by the viewers of national television in China. All at once the girl who was very poor had become a remarkably wealthy lady.

Mei Zi never forgot the folks back in Huojia County who so generously helped her when she lived there as a farm girl. She arranged 36 students from poor families in the county to come to Beiputuo to study, and she covered all their expenses. Because of poverty, some parents only let the boys go to school, but not the girls. In Beiputuo, the children of the peasants can study art and become professional artists. They can study acting, dancing, painting, different kinds of instruments and traditional Chinese or Western styles of singing, as well as basic college lessons.

In addition to carrying forward the fine traditional culture of the Chinese nation, Chairman Mei Zi wants to promote international cultural and artistic exchanges. A performing group from Hawaii was the first western entertainment troupe to come and give their show in Beiputuo.

To Beiputuo, Ms. Mei Zi’s Hollywood in China, traditional singing, playing, acting and dancing are the national treasures of China. It regards it as an honor to do whatever it can to promote these arts and to keep them alive.


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