Ms. Mei Zi's

Hollywood in China

-  The Documentary


The winner of The Award of Distinction

in the The Communicator Awards,

as well as the winner of the bronze Telly Award. 

Television Specials, Human Interest Documentaries. 52 minutes.

Available for US and international licensing.

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A television special, an engaging documentary (partially re-enacted), about a Chinese girl from a very poor family, who, after her childhood struggle and pain, becomes a wealthy millionaire, author, television producer, and owner of a large, private college for general studies, studios, and a training base for performing arts in Beijing, China.

A Beiputuo Art student at a filming location.


This is a bewitching true story about Ms. Mei Zi and about her fascinating creation of Beiputuo Film and Television Training Base and studios. Beiputuo is a fast growing composition of working and living stages of different scenes and dynasties of China, as well as an excellent educational and training base of performing arts for talented Chinese children and youngsters. Ms. Mei Zi's Hollywood of China.

Chinese and international film and television producers and directors have found Beiputuo an excellent studio location.


Today, Ms. Mei Zi wants to give back the love she was given as a child: her donations and work for the charity are extensive, and she hosts and pays out of her own pocket one full school class of talented children who have no parents or money.

Mei Zi and two of the girls she is supporting.

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