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Erkki (Erik) Kanto: entertainer, speaker, lecturer, Hollywood journalist, author, producer/director, IT Director


Erkki brings his own portable computer and multimedia projector - with no additional charge - or he may use the projector available in house.


Selected Samples of Erkki's Topics

"YOUR FACE TELLS ALL" An entertaining lecture with PowerPoint presentation about the Chinese art of reading faces - with numerous photos and images of the top Hollywood celebrities. (Erkki has co-authored two books on the subject; one of his lectures is available on DVD "Your Face Tells All - Erkki Kanto's Lecture on DVD".)

"HELLO HOLLYWOOD" After more than 20 years of interviewing, meeting, chumming and partying with the biggest names in Hollywood, Erkki reveals all the secrets. He includes the best inside stories from Hollywood and the annual Golden Globe® Awards, even a few video clips with the Award Winners - as well as lots of celebrity photos in this PowerPoint-enhanced presentation. (There are several different versions available on this topic - his knowledge and Hollywood entertainment are endless.) (Erkki is a voting member in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association® that produces, owns and gives out the Annual Golden Globe® Awards.)

"HOW TO CONQUER HOLLYWOOD?" What to do? Where to go? How to to do it? Erkki tells the secrets of what to do to conquer Hollywood. Which ever way you wish to do it!
(He is the co-author of a book on the subject.)

"HOW TO MAKE PC YOUR FRIEND?" How to make your computer your friend. Even when traveling... How to fight against the viruses and other outside attacks... Everything you wish to ask about using a PC in an easy-to-understand lecture with full on-screen demonstrations.



<> private studies of physiognomy in Los Angeles, CA
and Peking, China, 1997-2000 <>
<> private acting and singing studies in London, United Kingdom, 1972-1976 <>
<> music and acting studies in Finland, 1957-1972 <>
<> permanent resident in the USA since 1985, US citizen since 2006 <>
<> professional performer since 1962  <>
<>  languages: English, Finnish, some Swedish <>  

After moving to Los Angeles around 1985 and starting to report about the hottest Hollywood stories, interviews, parties and gossips, Erkki Kanto soon became known as Mr. Hollywood to his native country of Finland. When he then was invited to join as a member and voting journalist for the Annual Golden Globe Awards producing organization, the Beverly Hills, California-based Hollywood Foreign Press Association, his Finnish countrymen started to call him Mr. Golden Globe Awards.

Ever since his early childhood, Kanto openly showed that he loves being in front of an audience. His first semipublic performance was when, at six years of age, he sang to the widow of the Finnish president Svinhufvud. Before moving to the USA, in addition to recording several albums, he also had produced/directed or co-produced numerous projects to the Finnish Broadcasting company, many of them including him as the main host.

After permanently moving to the USA, Erkki Kanto continued his productions, now, not only for Finland, but also for the US and worldwide broadcast and distribution. As journalists and writers interested in numerous matters, together with his wife, Ilona Kanto, he started studying the Chinese art of face reading, wrote a book “Your Face Tells” for his Finnish fans and audiences, followed by “How to Conquer Hollywood.” His lectures about the face reading became very popular, and soon he was giving them in several countries around the world. The English-language version of the face reading book “Your Face Tells All” came out end of 2004, and it has greatly supported also the lectures and workshops. Recently, the rights for the Czech-language edition of “Your Face Tells All” were acquired by Alpress s.r.o., Czech Republic (the book came out in 2007), and the rights for the Japanese-language edition were acquired by Hankyu Communications, Japan, and published in the spring 2008.
Later on, the book was also published in Russia

Kanto’s work with the Annual Golden Globe Awards continues, and in addition to preparing to vote for the next awards, he’s in charge of maintaining and preparing the official website for the event. He loves traveling around the world, to the cities of different countries, as well as on cruise ships; performing and lecturing on different destinations and ports of call. And, of course, he loves interviewing, meeting and partying with all the Hollywood and foreign motion picture and television stars!



2005-continues HELLO HOLLYWOOD  lectures featuring Hollywood's top stars and all their little secrets - as well the latest from the Annual Golden Globe® Awards, "Hollywood's Best Party of the Year" (in Finland, USA)
2001-continues HOW TO CONQUER HOLLYWOOD?  lectures on how to get in to Hollywood (in Finland, USA)
a special, entertaining presentation directly from the Golden Globe Awards (lot's of celebrity photos, gossip and stories from the gala event) (in Finland, USA)
1999-continues YOUR FACE TELLS ALL  lectures of Chinese Face Reading (in Finland, USA, Asia)
THAT'S HOLLYWOOD  lectures featuring Hollywood's top stars and all their little secrets (in Finland, USA)
1990-continues HOW TO MAKE PC YOUR FRIEND?  lectures on how to use a computer (in Finland, USA)
1979-continues SOLO CONCERTS (as a singer or a singer-pianist) (in Finland, USA)
1986 SAWDUST IN MY SHOES, musical, Miklos (in Los Angeles- CA-USA)
1982-1986 AN EVENING WITH ENRICO CANTO, an ongoing series of one-man shows (in Finland)
1985 WHY CAN'T A WOMAN BE LIKE A MAN?, one-man theatrical show (in Maxim-Tampere-Finland)
1985 ENRICO CANTO SHOW, one-man show (onboard M/S Caribe I-The Caribbean Sea)
1982 ENRICO CANTO SHOW, one-man theatrical show (in Adlon-Helsinki-Finland)
TV AND RADIO (listing own shows only)
1979-2000 RADIO SHOWS, hundreds, list available (on YLE-Finland, USA)
1983 & 1985 ORDINARY MAN (on TV 2-Finland)
1984 ORDINARY MAN (on TV 2-Sweden)
1983 ENRICO CANTO (on Ch 39-Florida, USA)
1983 POIMULEHTI (on TV 1-Finland)


PRINT (writer, screenwriter, author)
journalistic writing (features, columns, reports) more than one thousand published in magazines and newspapers (in Finland, USA, Spain, Canada)
2004 co-author YOUR FACE TELLS ALL, book published by Atophill Publishing (USA)
2002 screenwriter THE LAPPONIA SCRIPTURES, motion picture (in development, 2007, USA)
2001 co-author HOW TO CONQUER HOLLYWOOD, book published by Karisto Oy (Finland)
2000 co-author YOUR FACE TELLS, book published by Karisto Oy (Finland)


Featured in numerous print articles, guest appearances in radio and television programs (in Finland, USA) 1982-present.

Recording artist (solo vocal, or vocal and keyboards) of nine albums - received one Golden Record Award. Music and song writing (more than 500 compositions;
radio, TV, video and music production; teaching and coaching singers, entertainers and actors (since 1972);
founded and owned a private school for music and performing (1976-1987).
Voting member in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association® for the Annual Golden Globe® Awards,
IT Director, former Director of the Board, Executive Secretary and Trustee (joined 1992).


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