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A well-known Chinese screenwriter, Ms. Mei Zi, has adopted 36 children from poor families in various parts of China. She provides the children home, food and education in her Beiputuo Film and Television Training Base and Studios, recently established training and studio area on more than 75 acres of land near Beijing.

Most of Mei Zi’s children are girls from very poor peasant families, where typically, at least too often, the father leaves as soon as he realizes that the newborn baby is not a boy. Girls are not wanted, because traditionally they marry away from the family and do not look after the aging parents. China’s one-child-per-family policy is strict for mothers, but it does not say anything about the men producing children with several women.

The future for many of the girls adopted by Ms. Mei Zi could have been the same as for the millions of young ladies among the reportedly 80-100 million constantly-migrating people in China. Recently, The Los Angeles Times told a story about a 23-year-old Chinese peasant woman, who, escaping her boss’s sexual demands, leaped off a second-story balcony. The now paralyzed cocktail waitress had come from the poor countryside into the big city in the hope of honest work. She was given the same treatment as millions of other ignorant, unemployed ladies in China today, sexual exploitation and prostitution.

The TV program Ms. Mei Zi’s Hollywood in China - The Documentary is a story about Ms. Mei Zi’s school and studios near Beijing. It shows what other future she can offer to these poor children, as well as almost 200 other students in the college. Her own childhood was very poor, and today, as a wealthy television writer, she wishes to present back to the society the help and love she was given as a child.

In the school, training and studio campus, which is a Chinese version of Universal Studios, Hollywood, the adopted 36 children are provided love, the proper education and a chance to become involved in the showbiz, almost the Hollywood way.


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